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Answers to questions about our gowns:

Why Angelo Lambrou?
You want a more personal and intimate experience. You want a unique and original design that will capture your personality and the overall look and feel of your wedding. You want a one-of-a-kind dress, custom-made to your measurements.
Why one of a kind?
Weddings these days have become so predictable. How many of your friends have ended up wearing more or less the same dress? We encourage you to keep an open mind and explore further. Be bold and have fun trying on something new and unexpected.
Why custom made?
Everybody is different. Based on your body, we can identify the silhouettes and necklines that will enhance your best features. We build the dress according to your body so that it fits you like a glove. We offer a true custom environment, so any little modifications--like raising or plunging a neckline, adding a train or going with a completely offbeat color--are all possible as long as it makes tasteful sense. It's your dress and once we've gotten to know you and your style we will go about designing a dress just for you. There are no alteration costs since we are truly building a dress for you and only you.
Why silk?
Silk is a natural fiber which means silk breathes, eliminating the sweat factor in most cases. We work with only 100% silk.
Why lightweight?
The heavier the dress, the less comfortable you will be. Comfort is incredibly important since you will spend a great portion of your wedding day in your gown. Our gowns are designed for comfort and will feel as light as a feather. Heavy does not mean quality. In most cases heavier gowns are uncomfortable, since they are usually constructed with synthetic fibers which tend to weigh substantially more than natural fabrics.