Where to begin??? When I first walked into the shop I was breath taken and so was my pocketbook, or so I thought. Every dress that I picked up I was thinking in the back of my mind, “put it down and walk away slowly, you CAN’T afford it!!!” But I booked an appointment to come by the next day and try dresses on because what the hell, it’s free and I had nothing to lose. It’s like playing dress up with my sister. So the dress I tried on was absolutely gorgeous and not at all how much I expected it to be. I couldn’t believe It was too good to be true. And on top of it Angelo is a true angel. He was soooooooo patient and encouraging but not at all pushy. He was actually trying to push for me to sleep on it and come back the next day. That’s crazy!!! Every other bridal gown company was so pushy and unforgiving, “oh well if you don’t order soon you might not get it in time,” or “I’m giving you the best deal and if you get it today ill throw a free veil in it” I get it, they’re trying to make a sale and dont want you to leave the store because you can find the SAME exact dress at the next store. But with Angelo his dresses are one of a kind, made in his actual store and fit so amazing, you feel like a queen. I can’t talk about his dresses enough. I’ve tried on at least a dozen dresses ranging from $1300-$12,000 and none have compared in quality, COMFORT (unbelievably comfortable), unique style, and beauty.

Elena M. / Long Beach, CA

Having been in the situation a dozen or so times, I can say the only thing that might be more stressful than buying a wedding gown for yourself (which I’ve never done), is having to accompany your friends as they buy their wedding dresses. Oh the lovely duties of being the friend/maid of honor/only brides maid that lives in the city. I usually dread, and I mean dread when I’m asked to go dress shopping or even to a fitting. Sure you get booze and get to touch fancy fabrics and big dresses and run around with veils on like you’re 7 years old again playing in your mother’s closet.

And then there is Angelo Lambrou.

This place opened up my eyes to what wedding dress shopping could be. I may have even had a small glimmer of future matrimony bliss spark in my eyes, but only for a second.

Angelo Lambrou’s beautiful and hip east village boutique is a truly exceptional experience. You can choose from already designed dresses or have Angelo create the custom gown of your dreams that is a true reflection of you that also compliments your location for the wedding (if that part makes sense)

His dresses are simply gorgeous, comfortable, and unique. Three of the best wedding gowns I have ever seen at weddings (two which I was here in this store to see through fruition) were from here.

From start to finish Angelo and his wonderful assistant Laura help you create the wedding dress you’ve always wanted in an easy, helpful, and even fun manner. The two dresses I have seen them create from start to finish for two friends with very different shapes, styles, personalities, and budgets were both in a single word: perfection!

I highly recommend this place anyone someone mentions they are wedding dress hunting. I am convinced nowhere else can make you feel or look as good as this place can on your special day. And just maybe (maybe) one day I’ll be able to say that with the utmost certainty.

Kate P. / Astoria, NY

I cannot recommend Angelo’s store more highly. From start to finish, he made the experience fun, exciting, stress-free and memorable, resulting in the most beautiful dream wedding dress I could have hoped for (not to mention at a reasonable price)! I actually canceled my first gown at Kleinfeld Bridal and re-purchased my dress with Angelo, who gave me personal care and worked with me to custom design a dress that fit me perfectly. Everyone was blown away by my gown at the wedding and most importantly the whole process was wonderful. The appointments were never rushed, and I felt very well cared for the whole time. Definitely work with Angelo!

A.R. / Manhattan, NY

Sure, you could go to Pronovias or Kleinfeld’s for your wedding gown, but I strongly suggest you take a page from the traditional wedding phrase and try something new. (And if you want to try something blue, I know a guy in Arizona who could help you out with that.)

Because there truly is no better designer to work with than Angelo. Not only are the prices comparable to what you can buy at some of the more popular wedding dress stores, but you’ll have the opportunity to purchase a custom-made dress. Along with that, you get sound advice for your big day, attention to detail that you wouldn’t get anywhere else, and, most importantly, someone who’s honest about what works for you and what doesn’t. (If a dropped waist simply does not flatter my figure, I need someone to tell me that instead of insisting on placating the bride.)

Also, you get a friend: As someone who absolutely despised the wedding planning experience, the most fun I had during the course of the year was sharing a glass of wine with Angelo at a fitting. It led not only to surprisingly stress-free nights, but also to the most gorgeous gown I could ask for. The dress itself turned out to be beautiful, unique, and an undeniable work of art. And Angelo’s art was indeed appreciated as such.

Kate W. / New York, NY

I found Angelo through a friend’s recommendation and I cannot recommend him enough! He made The Dress the least stressful part of my wedding planning process. You feel like you’re in a friend’s home when you’re at his atelier. He made the entire dress shopping (and fitting) process relaxed and enjoyable. Angelo provides the couture experience at a reasonable price, and is a dream to work with. He’s is a brilliant designer and can customize any dress to your vision. He knows exactly how to flatter your figure – he took one look at me and pointed out the dress that I eventually chose. This was the 10th boutique i visited looking for my wedding dress, and quite possibly the 100th dress. The moment I tried his on, I knew. All of the other dresses I tried made me feel like I was in a contrived bride costume. I felt like myself in Angelo’s dress, but amplified. All of his dresses are made of high-quality silks – they feel incredible against your skin and move beautifully with you. I walked out of Angelo’s with the perfect dress and a new friend. I can’t wait for him to launch a RTW line!!!

Krystie H. / Astoria, NY

I thought that finding a wedding dress in NYC would be easy. That is, until I went everywhere and still couldn’t find what I was looking for. The dresses were way too expensive for the quality. I wanted something that was timeless, elegant, and beautiful. Then I found Angelo Lambrou. After reading all of the raving reviews online I visited his boutique in the East Village. I fell in love instantly!! The fabrics were the most exquisite silks and laces. Nothing was overdone and everything had incredible movement. The entire experience from start to finish was a total dream. Angelo worked with me to design the perfect dress. I tried on different styles to see what combination worked best for me. Trying to decide on a dress can be really tricky and I completely trusted Angelo’s advice and recommendations. He listened to what I wanted and together we designed something that was very me. When I was working with Angelo he gave me his full attention- I felt like I was the only bride. Now and then I would meet other brides between appointments and they would be equally pleased. By the time my wedding day came around, the dress couldn’t have been better. Guests commented that it was the most beautiful dress that they had ever seen. I highly recommend working with Angelo for your wedding!!! You will not find a better designer in all of NYC!!!!! I wish I could give him 10 stars.

Heather W. / Manhattan, NY

From the moment I walked into Angelo’s beautiful boutique, he made me feel comfortable and at home, like I was hanging out with a friend. As we all know, wedding dress shopping can be super stressful and daunting. Not with Angelo though, he knows exactly what works on your body type. He takes his time with you to understand exactly what you want and makes it happen. Angelo customizes the dress to fit and I was able to go back for multiple fittings which was great. The dress was perfect and gorgeous!! I was so happy and not only did he design, custom fit and make the dress he helped with everything else….from amazing ideas for hair, accessories, undergarments, how to sit and walk in the dress, even getting out of a cab!! Having Angelo design my wedding dress was an absolute dream.

Tasleem V. / Manhattan, NY

Where do I begin with how amazing Angelo is?!?! First of all, he makes all the dresses himself in the back of his shop, he uses the highest quality silk and other materials, and he is a GENIUS when it comes to design. He can make anybody’s body look perfect. Second, the experience of working with him is incredibly personal. He offers you a glass of wine while you sit around and chat about dresses, he is warm and attentive and very reassuring, which is important considering how stressful it is to choose a wedding dress. He is also very accommodating, altering dresses as you desire. For me, he was able to combine the top of one dress with the skirt of another to create a brand new style of dress that flattered my body perfectly. I LOVED my dress!!!! He will even give you advice on accessories, shoes and shapewear so you look perfect. Also, as long as you give him your price point in the beginning, Angelo will work with you to make sure your dress is affordable — something I really appreciated since I was on a bit of a tight budget. Where else can you get a completely custom-made silk dress for the same price as one of those designer dresses that are mass-produced in specific sizes and have to be completely altered to fit your body? I love Angelo and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a beautiful wedding dress and wonderful, personal service.

Amber L. / Manhattan, NY

The only thing I ever knew about my wedding before being engaged was that I had to get my dress from Angelo. I decided this simply from walking by his store and seeing the beautiful displays. But after reading reviews of his shop, I felt even better about the decision. That’s why I’d like to pay it forward to help other brides with this review! Honestly, I am so grateful to Angelo for the fact that I will never have to know about this stress brides talk about when it comes to buying a dress. From the start, Angelo let me be myself. I came in with a clear idea of what I wanted, and Angelo helped me to make some minor revisions to his beautiful creation so that it would suit me to a tee. There were more fittings than I would have anticipated (four, maybe?), but it was great knowing that the dress was being crafted to fit at every step along the way. Angelo always has wine at the ready, but he is also perfectly content to let you sip some ice water while chatting about anything and everything. The most ridiculous thing is that his prices are REASONABLE! And not even, reasonable-for-NYC. Actually, do-able, reasonable, budget-friendly pricing. As I won’t be getting married again, the only thing for me to do is to let other brides know that they may as well save themselves the hassle and head straight to Angelo’s.

A.N. / New York, NY

Angelo is awesome!!!! He created the most beautiful dress for me for my son’s bar mitzvah. Not only was the dress beautiful, it was the most comfortable dress I have ever owned and the whole process of making it was simple and fun. From the minute I walked into his store and saw his designs I knew he was the person to create my dress. I had looked at many different places and designers. His designs were simple and elegant and when he was able to within minutes to take what I was thinking and bring it to life on a piece of paper, I fell in love. The material he proposed and the fantastic color he suggested made me feel gorgeous all night. He was so essy to work with, pleasant and kind with a great playful side. Everyone compliment the dress. I was so lucky to have found him!

Deborah W. / New York, NY

I had about 5 months to plan my wedding which is in two different locations – it’s been a bit stressful. I called all the typical places and not one spent more than 30 seconds on the phone and none made an attempt to try and work with me on my schedule. When I went to two places they kept putting designs in front of me that were not me and were exactly what I said I DIDN’T want.

Then I called Angelo – well THANK GOD!!!! Angelo and his wonderful assistant Laura spent lots of time with me to get to know me, hear about my vision for the event as well as listen to what both my mother and I didn’t want. The asked questions, really listened and were both so in sync it was a great experience. Their first dress selection was perfect – or so I thought. What happened next was amazing. I tried on several more dresses and the two of them started adding and taking away, tweaking the design so it was really perfect.

Since I live part-time out of the country, scheduling fittings was tough but they made themselves available off-hours to help create my dream. They made tweaks along the way and just really listened but also had really good advice.

When I put on the final result yesterday in front of my parents – there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. It was more beautiful than I could have asked for! I can’t wait for my fiance to see me in the dress. Thank You Angelo – she’s gorgeous!!!

Brides – you HAVE to give him a shot – he really makes a beautiful gown!

Johanna S. / New York, NY

There aren’t enough stars on Yelp or words in the English language to describe how wonderful Angelo and Laura are, what a gorgeous dress they created for me, and what an amazing experience it was to work with them. I wanted something unusual — not to wear white — but as it turned out, I was a little misguided about what color I wanted. After a bit of trying this and that, Laura just went with me to the fabric district, and we wrapped me in bales of beautiful raw silk, until we found a color we loved on me. I can’t imagine this kind of personalized experience and opportunity to be part of the creative process with people who are true artists anywhere else. If you want a dress that is unique and beautiful without any of the stress or attitude that you find all too often in the wedding industry, head straight to Angelo and Laura. You’ll never look back!

Lisa G. / Brooklyn, NY

Angelo and Laura are truly spectacular. Angelo is a visual and creative genius and Laura is a tailoring wizard. She has an extremely sharp tailoring eye and knows just what to do to get the dress to fit you perfectly.

It is hard to convey how wonderful was my experience at Angelo’s. This went far beyond a single wedding dress shopping event. From picking out my dress to attending all the fittings to the final product, in my case was about 8 months. Over that period I brought my best girlfriends, my mom and dad, and my future mother in law. Each time I went to a fitting it was like a celebration.

The dress that Angelo and Laura created for me was exactly “Me” and everyone at my wedding said so. Angelo and Laura will listen to you and create a dress unique and beautiful for you.

Each time I think about my dress I think about all the fun I had in creating it with Laura and Angelo in the presence of my family and friends. I was never stressed out, and the day that I had my dress on, it felt like a second skin it fit so perfectly.

I highly highly recommend them. I will forever be grateful to them for making this experience so lovely and cherish all the memories we created together.

Gracie M. / Manhattan, NY